Hard-Boiled, Action-Heavy,
Strong-Female, Character-Driven...

That's how Timandra Whitecastle does fiction. When dark & gritty are the price of admission and you want next level heroics... there's Whitecastle Fantasy.

New Release

On the Wheel (The Living Blade, Book Two)

Look, Nora, this isn't about you. We know you've had your problems and struggles. We know they aren't over. But Nora, this isn't about you. This is more than villages and temples; more than kingdoms and empires. The whole world is at stake.

"But if this isn't about me, why do I have to deal with it?"

It's just the way the wheel is turning...

Maybe asking "What is the Living Blade?" is the wrong question. Maybe the question should be "Who?"

Who has it been?

Who will it be?

And besides, Nora, sometimes the very world itself is your problem. To be able to fix yourself, you have to fix the world first, don't you?

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