Try something new – even if you don’t know if it will work

So, this week I’ve been grinding through the rewrite and fell into that low. You know, the hollow feeling you get when things aren’t going the way you want them to, the frustration that comes, and then the little nagging voice that says you should just give in anyway? That low feeling?

I’m used to it. I’m a parent. Things don’t go my way every single day, hello constant frustration, and the lure that if I give in to the whims of the kids I might have a moment of peace now.

My strategy against that is to look for something new. A new angle, a new mindset to challenge me. It’s hard and painful at times, but those growing pains I know and can live through them. And you can too!

New things I found this week are:

the great Rocking Selfpublishing Podcast with Simon Whistler. I heard of Simon through the Self Publishing Podcast weeks ago, but didn’t get around to checking him out because I was too busy with the backlist of SPP and Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn Podcast. (So, you could say, listening to podcasts is the new thing for me.) Anyway, Simon just released a new interview yesterday with Rachael Herron and they spoke about my problem exactly – how to stay passionate about your work when you’re facing the slog of that first revision. You should give it a go. It’s easy listening and fun and inspiring.

And the other new thing I found in my email inbox this week: an invite to the Intentional Blogging course by Jeff Goins. I’ve been subscribed to Jeff for a bit over two years now and probably unknown to him, he’s kept me focused on my goal of being a writer through weekly e(ncourage)mails. I signed up for his Tribewriters course, but never completed it because I had no finished first draft of my novel and no plan of starting a blog. Those two things have changed, now. And I’m really looking forward to working on my blogging skills because I need help fast.

Now, I don’t know if the new things will work for me in a way that I expect. But life is about being adaptable, always improving, widening the horizon. Because look! There are endless possibilities out there and so many things to do and see that you don’t need to stay stuck where you are.

What two new things did you find this week?

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