In Which All is Lost

This week … this week was grueling in every way. My daughter who I’ll call Trouble (Pink!) had a high fever and was home for days – no writing done for days. For days!

So, I only managed a couple hours of revision. And I got stuck. Like mired. Like, even after pulling so hard my one foot comes out of my boot to get a little further, I’m still stuck and now uncomfortable as the mud is squelching around my unprotected leg. Stuck.

Because I’d already split the book into parts, I figured I’d just skip past the stuck stage and start revising the next part which was my favorite piece of writing. So, I started revising there but then started reading my raw stuff and then just kept reading because I liked it so much as it was. But it doesn’t quite fit the ending anymore, so it needs changing – it needs to convey more information, in tighter prose and more conflict.

So I’m stuck again. Argh!

Here’s the thing: on my own writing adventure following the heroine’s journey outline, I’m in this stage of the ordeal: everything looks bleak (“I’m never going to get through this!”), my defenses are down (“My writing is sooo bad”), here’s the lose all and die scene (“bye bye creative writer-life”) – you know: Darth Vader is my father and the Empire is striking back.

Just pull through, teeth clenched, eyes closed, expecting the worst, hoping for the … not worst.

Having said that, I feel like thinking about plot, and taking another look at some of my favorite inspirations (Star Wars) helps me focus more on the story than sitting in front of the computer – butt in chair. It still kinda counts as writing, right? In-head revision? Right?

On a positive note: I’m planning some improvements for this blog ( figuring an About page and at least an RSS feed thing won’t go amiss) and have a few more Bow to the Masters rants – uh – blogposts coming; also I’m planning posts on character “casting” and “location scouting” which should finally get me including visuals in my posts. So, there’s a silver lining out there, on the horizon. Just have to get there through the darkness.

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