Just a quick update today:

About Page: + 1
Web skills: +100
XP: +100

Yay, I think I managed an About Page last week. It took me a while because my skill set in WordPress is just not there and even “intuitive” just takes a lot of time to learn as my iPhone keeps on teaching me. But that’s good. You can’t grow without challenges.

I’ve also taken a new strategy with my writing. Here’s the thing: I can’t put out the amount of words I’d dream of putting out if I actually had a couple of hours a day to write. Which I don’t. Right now, I’m happy if I can write an hour a day.

Also, I thought finishing the first rough draft would be the hard part and editing is a breeze through. But it’s just not that simple. In fact, it also takes a different skill set and I’m learning that set as I’m learning blogging. Slowly.

It’s one thing to finish a draft. It’s another to edit it into shape.

So my goal is to maximize the time I can spend writing. Yesterday, when the kids were asleep, I sat down at my laptop and set a timer for one hour. And was amazed what I achieved in that hour. I’m looking forward to doing this again. Really focussing on what I can achieve in one hour, rather than frittering away time before the screen wondering how to fix stuff, and just get it done bit by bit, one hour at a time. I’ve started with the scenes where I know what I need to change. And the energy is back from the sad, dark hole I was in for the most part of the last two weeks. So, I’m ready and eager to return to editing.

My lessons this week can be summed up by these words from Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant’s new book Fiction Unboxed – which you should totally get here if you’re into watching how other writers write books. (And they’re actually good at it!)

“First of all, you must sometimes muscle past the suck if you want to reach the good stuff. Never be afraid to stop, step back, and try again after some time away from the desk or page.

And second, you have to do what works for you.”

Kinda works for all things in life, not just writing, right?

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