Why I don’t cast characters

Before I get around to writing a post about the actual characters in my fantasy series The Living Blade (working title), it’s time to ‘fess up.

I guess most people like to think they’re original – one of a kind. But as for me, I’m fine with expressing my individualism by buying what everyone else is at IKEA and H&M and the like. “Be individual! Get the same stuff everyone else has and arrange it in the way our massively distributed catalogue portrays it! Today!”

However, when reading I don’t do what seemingly everyone on the Internets does: I don’t visualize the characters I’m reading as actor/actress soandso. You know those lists where you see who people think their favorite character would look like, or rather who would play their favorite character if suchandsuch were ever made into a movie? There is just so much wrong with that!

Firstly: why would you want anyone to make a movie out of [insert your favorite novel or computer game here]? What fifty pages do you want to see in a 90 minute movie? What fave character from that game would you like to have standing in the background waving as the camera pans by?

The reason book/ game adaptations into movies disappoint has to do with the large amounts of time you’ve spent within this story that cannot be cut down to 90 minutes. It just can’t be done.

This is what series are for. Please, someone – make Mass Effect a HBO series! Please?

Secondly, I have difficulties with real actors/actresses images because their faces/persona don’t match what I’m seeing in my head when reading. Also, they might portray a type of character that I don’t think fits or they look similiar enough but don’t have the acting talent required.

Personally, I have a very visual mind when reading. Specifically, a very drawn mind.

Maybe I should explain that. Whenever I read, I know what the characters look like and they all look like painted comic figures – sometimes just black and white manga style strokes of faces. I don’t know why my mind works that way. It just does. So when people are like, hey Sam, who do you think could play this and that character? I’m like: have you read anything by CLAMP? Or: do you know Frank Miller? Or: Oh him? I kinda picture him close to Ezio Auditore in AC Revelations.

And they all shuffle away. And never ask me again.

Besides, nowadays it’s hard to even mention a real actor for an awesome deep character from a novel without naming either Micheal Fassbender (in an Assassin’s Creed movie? Altair? – are you serious?) or Benedict Cumberbatch. And I don’t know – I like them as actors. (Especially Ben.) But their faces … Not what I picture in my head. (Especially Ben.)

So, there!

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