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So a few things are still under construction here on the blog … I’m looking at you, sign up page. But iteration is the name of the game, I guess.

Here is the new book blurb in full – with author bio. And yes, it’s totally weird to write about yourself in third person …

Twins Nora and Owen live in a rural backwater in the far northern reaches of the Kandarin Empire with their foster parents. The superstitious local villagers have no love for the children, believing them to be dedicated to the old gods, and a danger to the community.

When their foster mother dies, the twins flee to avoid Nora being forced to marry anyone willing to take her. However, their escape is interrupted when they cross paths with Prince Bashan who is on a quest for a mythical blade that will allow him to reclaim his birthright. Prince Bashan has been cast out of power because of a strange prophecy.

Owen is ready to join the quest, but Nora has doubts.

Are the twins connected to the prophecy that banished Bashan and sent him on his quest? Will Owen become the hero he has always dreamed of becoming? And how far is Nora willing to go when surrender is not an option?

Author Timandra Whitecastle lives on the original Plains of Rohan in Lower Saxony, Germany with her family. She is a native speaker of both English and German.

Whitecastle has never bothered to get a life because she feels like she’s been trying to lead three different ones already– and, yes, she totally stole that line from Terry Pratchett.


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