Yet Another New Book Blurb

So, after failing again and again to write a book blurb that

a) doesn’t give away the story,

b) doesn’t suck

and c) doesn’t do both at the same time, I figured I’d get help.

First I bought Libbie Hawker’s Gotta read it! Five simple steps to a fiction pitch that sells.

gotta-read-itMy version got a bit better. But then I thought, maybe there is a reason authors don’t normally write their own blurbs/ back cover matter. So I went to instead and for very little money got three different blurbs that ranged from good to awesome.

The blurb I have on the Book page right now is a cobbled together version I created myself. But because I just loved this other one so much, I figured I’d put it up here too because … well, I can do what I want here, lol. But this way, there’d be some comparison … What do you think – which is better?

This one

or this:

A renegade prince. A reckless girl. And a prophecy that must be fulfilled…at all costs!

The Pilgrim Code is: punish the wicked, protect the innocent and guide the lost. Nora is all three! Wicked, if you believe the busybody baker’s wife; innocent if you believe Nora and lost if you believe her twin brother.

Telen, the wight is determined to save Nora from herself, train her brother and help Prince Bashan regain his rightful throne. Easier said than done! Nora runs from an arranged marriage and a barren future that will surely kill her in slow agonizing moments of nothingness, never realizing when she picks up her blade, she foretells her future! The girl’s twin, Owen, willingly seeks his destiny as a pilgrim.

But the hot headed prince leads a band of mercs, marauders and murderers—no honor among them and no allegiance to anyone but themselves—yet, it is this rag-tag ensemble, Nora and Owen who must accompany the prince on his pursuit of the Living Blade…at the peril of dying in the quest!

Master Telen Diaz has his work cut out for him, indeed!

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