I was listening to Jim Kukral on the Creative Penn podcast talking about digitalization, on how it’s changing the way we live. (Yes, I’m behind and listening to the back episodes.) There’s a lot he said that rings true to me.

You know, your smartphone is anywhere and everywhere, even next to you in bed, with you when you go on toilet. So, we’ve become conditioned. Instead of reading epic tomes, we read short snippets, watch short snippets – the rise of Youtube anything you can consume in the time it takes for you to pee.

Serialize everything. (Check)

Make it short. Less than five minutes. (Check)

Utilize lots of visual media. (Double check)

I get it.

But that still makes it hard to update this blog because frankly a) no one is reading it as of now, yay! Means I can experiment/slack all I want! And b) I’m too busy writing. Why?

Weeell, I wanted to release my first book in September. *ahem* But on my quest for a web admin/designer and a virtual assistant to help with the marketing, I’ve ended up having a savvy marketing task force aligned behind me (like the Avengers, only they don’t wear costumes – or at least not that I know of) and so now, I’m going to release three books at once in January. Yay.

Lots to do till then. Lots to write,

Here’s a list of what I’ve done so far:

Part One – written and ready for publishing.

Part Two – written, beta read and at the copyeditor for er … copyediting. There’s the proof that I need it.

Part Three – is still a mess, but I’ve nearly revised the horrible rough draft just enough to send it off to the story doctor. 4/22 scenes left.


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