Print ready

Woo-hoo! Cue Katrina and the Waves/ Walking on Sunshine! Touch of Iron is ready to be shipped to you in all its print glory. And Friday is release date for the ebook, yay! It’s finally happening. I’m so excited.

Look! Behold the beauty and covet it for your shelf.

IMG_0090 IMG_0089

But Timandra, you say now, I want to help you out more than just buying your book and reading it. What else can I do?

I’m so glad you asked. See, as you might know, indie writers like me are dependent on reviews. Reviews are the next best thing to word of mouth, you know talking to your friends about how awesome that book you’re reading is? Talking about it like your latest crush? Like you have nothing else on your mind? Until your friends hate you and refuse to talk to you anymore about that book? YOU KNOW THAT TOO, RIGHT?

Yeah, well, reviews are like that. Only better because you can tell the whole friggin’ world via the internets!

So, please, please go ahead and buy my book. (I didn’t say read it, but seeing as you’ve purchased it, that would be the next logical step.) But if you buy it and read it AND LIKE IT, let the world know BY LEAVING A REVIEW, please.

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