Publicity stunt(s)

To reward myself and keep me motivated to keep pushing hard, I decided I’d write up a log of all the reviews and interviews and other publicity hustling I’ve been doing (behind the scenes). But you can check them all out individually under Media, if you like.
Here are the links so far. I’ll update frequently when others keep coming in.

The Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off 2016 and directly related to that ‘my’ blook blogger Bibliotropic: On First Impressions  First Eliminations Batch 1 and Batch 2 and strong contenders

The SPFBO Best Covers competetion (is over now, but check out the winning covers. Yours truly came 2nd O.O!!)

Hermione’s Review

Interview with Hermione

Danny’s Review

Ally’s Review

Interview with Drew (it’s long, but fun)

Guest post on Drew’s blog on Worldbuilding

Guest post on Dan’s blog on Self Publishing

Cate’s Review

Guest post on James’ blog on Escapism

Interview with Mike on the Introverted Indie Author podcast

Dan John’s Review

Ria’s SPFBO Review

James McStravick’s Review

James McStravick’s Interview

10 quick questions by Geoff R Matthews

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