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Review: Dreams of Chaos by Allen Stroud

I’m not much of a professional book reviewer.* Though I do read a lot and try to pinpoint what it is I like or don’t like about a book, I often don’t make it public. It’s more like

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Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers as a way of saying ‘Hello’ or rather ‘Hallo’ as the word Liebster is taken from the German language. (I stole that line from Danny’s blog. But

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The SPFBO 2016

Mark Lawrence is hosting another Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. Touch of Iron is enrolled. Check it out. http://mark—

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SPFBO Bibliotropic’s First Impressions

Over at Bibliotropic, Ria takes a look at the covers and blurbs of the assigned titles. You can read about it here. SPFBO 2 – First Impressions (Batch 4)

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SPFBO Bibliotropic First Eliminations

Ria over at Bibliotropic eliminates some of the 30 titles. Check it out here. SPFBO: First eliminations (Batch 1)

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SPFBO Bibliotropic Elimination Round 2

Ria over at Bibliotropic swings the scythe on some titles, names others for strong contenders for finalist.  Check it out here. SPFBO: First Eliminations (Batch 2) and Strong Contenders

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