Creating content … and wearing hats

Recently I’ve been trying to promote my book and let me just say that working in education and writing fantasy on the side does not automatically transform you into a marketing expert. In fact, it’s much the opposite, actually.

The lesson I’ve learned most from being a self-published writer? Marketing – I’m not very good at it.

But hey! I’m much better at reading.

And as I’m writing Book 2 at the moment (roughly 88,000 words of 100,000 – go, go, go!), I’m taking it easy with the reading schedule. But … my curiosity has won out, and I thought: how about if in the next few weeks I’d put on my book reviewing hat to check out some of the other books enrolled in the SPFBO?

TW hat

Tim’s book reviewing hat – nah, joke.

I wear this all the time!


I want to choose a few titles that caught my eye, and write totally random and subjective reviews on them here on my own blog instead of guest posting on someone else’s. (Though I’ll still be doing that, too.) And I’ll also be reaching out to the authors I’ll be reading, and might get them to answer a few of my questions.

You know when you read a book and you’re like I wonder why the author did this? Well, that’s what I’ll be asking.

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