Lone Wolf Anthology

​When the going gets grim, the lone wolf rides in...

I wrote a short story that's been accepted in the Lone Wolf Anthology published by Undaunted Publishing.​ The story is a standalone piece, NOT set in the world of the Living Blade, and it's called The Black. (Obviously. Because I can't turn off the grimdark even in PG 13 content.) A dark force is emptying the countryside - whole settlements are vanishing. Follow Tvan Ohnesorg, a watchtower guard as he fails in his duty, and seeks to gain redemption ... It was largely inspired by this song by Kari Kimmel:

As Michael R. Fletcher (author of Beyond Redemption and The Mirror Truth) writes in the anthology's introduction, the Lone Wolf character "dares the shattered edges of the world with nothing but their unbreakable will to protect them." 

All the stories in this anthology share that quality of brokenness. The worlds need fixing; on epic scales in some stories, on smaller, more personal levels in others. 

I'm very impressed with this collection, and I'm very honored to be included in it.

If you enjoy epic, heroic fantasy in single bite sizes, if you enjoy lone wolf characters who ride off into the sunset all on their own, then get this book!

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