Lost Lore Anthology is out!

Would you like a FREE book? How about a FREE fantasy anthology with 15 tales from 15 worlds by 15 authors?

Enter the Lost Lore Anthology… I have had the immense pleasure of working together with some awesome people on an anthology, and as you can see (my name is on the banner y’all), a story of mine has been included! Yay!

Into the Woods is a short story set in the world of the Living Blade, but some time before the events of the main books. It is a time after the fall of the Gods, after Scyld slew them all by means of the Living Blade, and the wight tribes have retreated into their self-imposed solitude, far away from any humans. But how do the humans fare, all on their own? What stories do they tell of their former masters? And why are twins when born left out for the wights to claim?

If you want to know, I strongly urge you to grab a copy of Lost Lore at any store where there’s ebooks for FREE. Yes, zero money. Nada. Nil.

Lots of great authors and great tales in here, PLUS a foreword by Patron Saint of Indie Writers, Mark Lawrence Himself. So go check it out!

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Also, to celebrate, I recorded myself reading Into the Woods for your easy (or uneasy? You decide!) listening. If you’ve ever wanted to hear my voice and my slightly strange British English accent – now’s your chance! 😉

Into the Woods mp3 file

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