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Lost Lore Anthology is out!
Would you like a FREE book? How about a FREE fantasy anthology with 15 tales from 15 worlds by 15[...]
The SPFBO is over + a review
​The 2nd SPFBO is over and has its winner. YAY! 300(!) selfpublished fantasy books were evaluated by ten bloggers. They[...]
Where Is My Mind Guest post by Nadia Bulkin
​Today I want to introduce you to Nadia Bulkin - I stumbled across her post written for Women in Horror[...]
Where Is My Mind? Guest post by Derek Alan Siddoway
​This week on Where is My Mind - I bring you a more contemplative musing of Derek Alan Siddoway, awesome[...]
Where Is My Mind? Guest post by Travis Peck
​This week I want to introduce you to Travis Peck, fellow SPFBO author and extraordinarily witty tweeter. Peck's novel Ravinor[...]
Where Is My Mind? Guest post by David Benem
​This week I have David Benem for you. David's novel What Remains of Heroes was one of the SPFBO finalists[...]
Where Is My Mind? Guest post by Michael R. Miller
​In this series, I asked everyone the same set of questions: What's got your interest at the moment? What are you[...]
Where Is My Mind: Guest Post by Josiah Bancroft
​If you haven't yet heard of the steampunk indie fantasy awesomesauce that is Senlin Ascends, ... well, now you have.[...]
Where is my Mind? Guest post by Taya L Greylock
​TL Greylock is the author of The Song of the Ash Tree trilogy, of which the third book Already Comes[...]

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