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Lone Wolf Anthology

​When the going gets grim, the lone wolf rides in...I wrote a short story that's been accepted in the Lone Wolf Anthology published by Undaunted Publishing.​ The story is a standalone piece, NOT set

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Cover Reveal for On the Wheel

Today I've got something special for you. Just like I did for Touch of Iron, I thought it'd be interesting for you to see the progression of the cover for the next in the Living Blade series, On the Wheel.Tommy

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Epic blurb read by Jon

Here's a fun thing I had done a while back. On Fiverr, you can get Jon aka the voice behind the Screen Junkies Honest Trailers to record anything you want to hear him say in his epic voice. So I did. I

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Dan John’s Review of Touch of Iron

​Here's a review written by Dan John for Touch of Iron. My favourite line:  'fantastic world, with complex and entertaining characters. A book I recommend, and eagerly anticipate the

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Kirkus Review Touch of Iron

​The one, true, official review by Kirkus.This review was also printed in the June 1st, 2016 issue of Kirkusreviews under the Indie section, if you'd like to read it on paper. Here's the cool quote I

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Podcast Interview: The Introverted Indie Author

Listen to me and fellow #SPFBO author Michael J Sanford talk about all things self-publishing and fantasy. I drop a lot of names in this one. If you don’t recognize any, SHAME ON YOU! The Introverted

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