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The SPFBO is over + a review

​The 2nd SPFBO is over and has its winner. YAY! 300(!) selfpublished fantasy books were evaluated by ten bloggers. They each found their champion to push into the final round, and now the final scores

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Introducing Where Is My Mind?

As writers we're often asked to talk - or rather write about - writing. Especially our own. But also about the craft. About the writing experience. About what works for us. About our writing rituals.

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Cover Reveal for On the Wheel

Today I've got something special for you. Just like I did for Touch of Iron, I thought it'd be interesting for you to see the progression of the cover for the next in the Living Blade series, On the Wheel.Tommy

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Janus 2016/2017

​Apart from being a year of great tragedies - on a personal level and also on a more general cultural level - 2016 was my first year as a published writer. Yay! I think I'll do a blog post

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Fantasy Maps

First things first – just to get it out of the way: maps are abstractions. It's in their very nature. In fact, let me start with Baudrillard.In Simulacra and Simulation, Jean Baudrillard recounts the

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Grimdark Recommended Reading

​Here is a list of my personal recommendations when it comes to reading grimdark fantasy. Now I'm not going to say that these writers and these books had a direct influence on my writing ... no,

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